Safe sex means protecting yourself against getting an STD. You’ll have to use a condom for vaginal, anal, and also for oral sex. Many sexually transmitted diseases can also be spread through oral sex. It is possible to get STD’s in the mouth or throat. It’s also possible to have an STD in more than one area at the same time, for example in the throat and the genitals.

Using a condom each and every time you have oral sex can reduce the risk of giving or getting an STD. Although oral sex may carry a lower risk for spreading HIV than other forms of sex, repeated unprotected exposures may increase risk of transmission. In case of group sex, change the condom each time you change partners.

What if a condom breaks or slips off ?
Try to remain calm and stop the service immediately, by carefully withdrawing the customer’s penis.

You may need to look for the broken condom.

When having vaginal sex you should
Go to the bathroom and pee to flush away any sperm.

Whilst sitting on the toilet remove excess sperm by squatting down and squeezing with your vaginal muscles.

  • Do not douche or wash inside your vagina because this can push any sperm and bacteria high into your vagina, which is more likely to result in a pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection. Douching also alters the useful bacteria that protect your vagina from bacterial vaginosis.
  • Wash the outside of your genitals by splashing them with water or pouring a bottle of lukewarm water over them whilst sitting on the toilet.
  • You may need to get emergency contraception if you are not using any other contraception. This should be taken in the first 72 hours after a condom breaks. Remember, it is possible to get pregnant even if the client did not climax inside you.
  • It is important to have a sexual health checkup. This should be 7 days after the condom breaks, or sooner if you have any symptoms or concerns.
  • Visit the doctor at Belle on Europalaan in Utrecht, the STD-clinic at UMC Utrecht, or the GGD Utrecht. Get a checkup for STD’s after 7 days. Should you expercience symptoms, contact them sooner.

When having anal sex you should
Contact the STD clinic as soon as possible (088 75 532 00). Or contact GGD Utrecht: 030-6086086.

During the weekend, you should go to the emergency room of a hospital. There, a doctor can determine if a PEP treatment is advisable. This treatment reduces the risk of HIV.

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