There are several possibilities. The most important thing: the meeting should be at a place where you feel safe, and make sure you won’t be disturbed (nor disturb others).

Working from home
This might be convenient because it’s a safe, familiar environment for you. If you don’t feel good about a customer, you can choose not to let him in. But here are some important drawbacks. Working from your own home means that your customer knows where you live. That could possibly lead to unpleasant situations in your private space.

At a customer’s home
Meeting at a customer’s home means more anonymity for you. Drawbacks are that you are unfamiliar with the environment and unaware of the specific circumstances in this house. It’s advisable to have a plan ready beforehand. You could leave the address with a friend or colleague so people know where you are. Also, you could agree for them to take certain actions if you’re not back at a certain time.

A hotel room is neutral and could feel safer for you. Also, it’s a place to work without distractions. However, most hotels are very dismissive about sex work because it might be damaging to them or cause inconvenience to the other guests.

Meeting customers outside can be a suitable choice because it’s free, unlike a hotel room. No need for you or the customer to exchange addresses. You could easily be disturbed though, by passersby, local residents, or the police. Be aware that sex work outside is illegal, apart from the designated zones (red light disctricts).

In a car
Usually, a meeting place with the customer is arranged beforehand. It’s advisable to get acquainted with the preferred location, for example by checking out Google Maps. Then, you’ll have an adequate image of the place and its surroundings. You could use your own car for the date. Be aware that sex work outside (also in a car) is illegal, apart from the designated zones (red light disctricts).

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