As an entrepreneur (for example in window prostitution), you are required to register with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). First, you’ll need to register with the Municipality Administration (GBA). This could be a registration address in the Netherlands or abroad.

If you are registered abroad you need:

    • A business address, which may be at any organization, for example an accountancy agency. This must be accompanied with a declaration in which the auditor gives you permission to use his/her address at Chamber of Commerce.
    • Proof that you have a permanent address abroad, this should not be older than one month.
    • If you don’t want to provide your home address, you can fill out a statement.

To register at the Chamber of Commerce you also need a valid identification and a completed registration form.

As to ´business activities, state ‘personal services’. This is the only company description that is acceptable for the Tax Office.
The information contained in the Trade Register is public and therefore accessible to everyone. It is very easy for the public to find information using your company name. So, it’s important to never state your own name as the name of your company: use a different name.

If you choose a name for your company that your customers know, they can easily find your home address. So, it is wise to choose a company name that you do not share with anyone, and that’s not easily traced back to you.

The necessary forms can be found at the website:
Address Kamer van Koophandel Utrecht
Sint Jacobsstraat 300, 3511 BT Utrecht
Phone: 088 585 15 85

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