If you live in the Netherlands, it’s mandatory to have health insurance.

Depending on your income, you might be entitled to healthcare benefits (zorgtoeslag). You can apply for benefits online through this link. You do need a DigiD for this.
The Tax Information Line (Belastingtelefoon: 0800-0543) can make an appointment for you at a tax office or refer you to a benefits service point. There, they’ll help you with your application.  If you apply for a benefit, you need a citizen service number (BSN). You receive this number when you register with the municipality.

If you don’t pay your health insurance for six months, you’ll be automatically referred to the CAK as a defaulter. From then on, you’ll pay an administrative premium to the CAK (135 euro monthly ). You will still have an insurance, and you’ll still need to pay your debt to your health insurer.

The social workers at Belle are very able to assist you in sorting this out.

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