Everyone in the Netherlands with an income is required to pay income tax. You’re required to file income tax return annually. As an entrepreneur, you’re also obliged to pay turnover tax on your income. This is called VAT.

You don’t have to sign up separately to the tax authorities (belastingdienst). When you register at the Chamber of Commerce, these data are transmitted automatically to the tax authorities. You´ll get your own VAT number.
If you don’t receive a notice from the tax authorities, it’s wise to contact them. Then, you’ll receive a letter stating the date your taxes are due. Once every three months, you’ll need to specify what you’ve earned.

The VAT-payment should be credited to the bank account of the Tax and Customs Administration (belastingdienst) within a month after the specific tax period.

If you are late filing your income tax return, or your payment is late, you’re at risk for an administrative fine and/or an additional (estimated) tax assessment.

The Tax and Customs Administration are bound to strict laws of confidentiality.

Phone number (free): 0800-0543
Website: www.belastingdienst.nl

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