Stop working in the sex industry

Maybe you’re thinking about quitting work in the sex indrustry. Because you don’t like the work anymore, you’re not working voluntarily, you’re not earning enough, or for any other reason.

Changing your way of life is not easy. Maybe you’re having financial problems, you don’t have a home, or maybe you are reluctant about the authorities you might encounter, or you’re not sure what kind of different work you could do.

Belle can provide assistance and practical, psychological and social support.

Opportunities and solutions

We can help you find solutions, for example:

    • Finding other work, making a resume and applying for jobs
    • Searching for training (maybe education or Dutch language lessons)
    • If possible and necessary, applying for benefits
    • Searching for housing: if you’re housing costs are high or uncertain
    • If you don’t work voluntarily, we can support you in filing a report with the police and figuring out what you are entitled to (income, shelter, et cetera). The decision whether or not you want to file a report is up to you.
    • If you need a safe place to live and more support, we will see if you are eligible for assisted living
    • Help with psychical or addiction problems, and if necessary, seeking appropriate relief.
    • If you have worked in the sex industry in the past and could use some support, you can contact us.

After the first interview, you get a contact person. With this person, you’ll have regular appointments. Should you choose so, your contact person can accompany you to appointments with authorities.

If, after the interview, we believe you can receive better care somewhere else, we’ll actively help you finding the most appropriate care.

If you don’t speak Dutch or English, we’ll use a telephone interpreter.

We maintain strict confidentiality. Our help is free.

You are welcome to contact us.

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