Social work
Belle offers social work to everyone who is or was woring as a sex worker. Our work field is the city of Utrecht, and the Utrecht region.

Belle offers help or guidance with:

  • safety
  • finding a different line of work
  • housing, including sheltered housing
  • administration, finances and/or debts
  • education
  • language courses
  • psychosocial issues

Belle house/sitting rooms at the Europalaan and Zandpad
These provide a safe shelter, medical care, awareness and education to sex workers at Europalaan and Zandpad. Condoms and work supplies are for sale. You’re also welcome for (free) coffee, tea, a conversation, or some orange juice.

Belle house/sitting room at the Vleutenseweg
You are welcome for questions about work, safety, other work, money, language training etcetera. Entrance is at the Vleutenseweg: across the street from nr 477.

Openingtimes for Belle, click here.

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