Social work
Belle offers social work to everyone who is or was woring as a sex worker. Our work field is the city of Utrecht, and the Utrecht region.

Belle offers help or guidance with:

  • safety
  • finding a different line of work
  • housing, including sheltered housing
  • administration, finances and/or debts
  • education
  • language courses
  • psychosocial issues

Rots en Water 
All social workers at Belle are certified ‘Rots en Water’ (‘Rock and Water’) trainer. This method aims to make clients more physically and mentally resilient. The method is reflected in the team’s basic attitude.  Also, the ‘Rots en Water’ training is offered to (a small group of) clients.

Belle House/sitting rooms at the Europalaan and Zandpad
These provide a safe shelter, medical care, awareness and education to sex workers at Europalaan and Zandpad. Condoms and work supplies are for sale. You’re also welcome for (free) coffee, tea, a conversation, or some orange juice.

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