Window prostitution means renting a room and working from the window. Window prostitution is an independent way of working. You can negotiate your price and services with your client at the door. Your expences are: the rent of the room, your travel costs and various other costs like clothing, condoms and lubricant.

You are obliged to pay taxes on your income. To streamline this, many sex workers have an accountant.

Window prostitution is viewed as relatively safe because there is (mostly) camera surveillance, and police regularly patrol the area. On the other hand: there is always a possibility that your friends, family or acquaintances might see you.

In the Netherlands, window prostitution is possible in a few bigger cities like Amsterdam and The Hague. There used to be a zone for window prostitution in Utrecht too, het Zandpad. At the moment, all windows there are closed. It’s still uncertain whether het Zandpad will be reopened.

To rent a window for prostitution, you need to be at least 21. You will also have to take care of several things before you can start working:

    • Register with the Chamber of Commerce (
    • Bring a valid ID. You need an official residential address, in the Netherlands or abroad. If you can´t provide a home address, you can often specify the address of your accountant. The written consent to that address then serves as a business address.
    • Request a registration (this is different per city)
    • Pay taxes (website:, phone: 0800-0543)
    • Taking an STD test once every three months is advised


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